ARTICLE TITLE: How Stalin Deceived the West: the Adoption of 1936 Soviet Constitution as Political PR-action
AUTHORS: Medushevsky A.
ABSTRACT: The elaboration and adoption of 1936 Soviet Constitution resulted in the creation of the totally false myth about democratic character of Stalinist political regime which influenced Soviet society as well as the broad circles of Western left-wind intellectuals. The nature of this myth derives not only from the declarative substance of constitutional provisions as such but rather from the target-oriented propaganda campaign which skillfully used new PR technologies and their intensive implementation on international and national levels during the so-cold mass deliberation of constitutional project. The analysis of this manipulative technologies explains not only the success of this action but also the stability of the Stalinist myth in a long-term perspective.
KEYWORDS: nominal constitutionalism , Soviet regime , Stalinism , propaganda , PR-technologies , mass-media , 1936 Soviet Constitution