ARTICLE TITLE: The Art market and the Boundaries of Art
AUTHORS: Sokolov K. , Osokin Y.
ABSTRACT: The authors contemplate on the state of affairs in contemporary fine art market, which has become a large-scale industry for production and promotion of contemporary art objects. The value of these items is determined solely by commercial factors, which in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship often have no relationship to the quality of the work presented. As a result, the art market is flooded with all kinds of ready-mades, collages, pop style objects and other imitations of fine arts. This situation is mostly possible due to the crisis in Contemporary Art. It is difficult to offer scientific criteria for determining essential features of artistic creativity. However, history of artistic practice, serves as a basis for determining the nature and philosophy of art, giving hope that science will still be able to determine at least in general terms the boundaries of art in relation to the realities of our time.
KEYWORDS: art market , commercial factors , science and art , determining criteria of art