ARTICLE TITLE: Contact with the Cosmic Consciousness through the Study of Human Mentality?
AUTHORS: Petrenko V.
ABSTRACT: The author considers consciousness widely: as a quality inherent in one degree or another, to all living beings. Developing a modern version of the concept of panspermia, the author assumes the possibility of cosmic origin not only for life, but also for consciousness. According to this idea, a coherent integrated consciousness precedes individual. Integral consciousness acts as some basic background as "carrier wave", on the basis of which is modeled a differentiallyindividual consciousness. In this case, the hypothesis of the preexistence of consciousness it follows that the "brothers on reason" can be found not only in launching the radiosondes and space telescopes, but also meditating, sending a mental look deep into your own consciousness, referring to the archetypes of the collective and perhaps unconscious space.
KEYWORDS: the movement Global future 2045 , Megahistory , neoclassicism , extraterrestrial civilizations , cosmic consciousness , the unconscious , psychological practice , meditation