ARTICLE TITLE: Revisioning the Concept of The Firm in Light of New Spirit of Capitalism L. Boltansky and E. Chiapelo. Networks and New Classes
AUTHORS: Orekhovsky P.
ABSTRACT: The paper devoted the evolution of the concept of the firm from own "business" of an individual entrepreneur of the 19th century to the network organizations and "without-factory-production" of the 21 century. Have been criticized the idea of economy transaction costs R. Coase, which is contrary to the modern practice of outsourcing and "without-factory-production". Outsourcing and the formation of global networks lead to the erosion of the old "middle class", whose appearance was connected to the mass production and economic policies "welfare state". Instead the middle class there are two new social groups. Network occurring around the new projects are constructing creative class a new world elite. Precariat new dangerous class is excluded from these networks. The increase in the number of new classes leads to a gradual decline of the state. The last suffer defeat in the competition with corporations that are not related to the control over the territory.
KEYWORDS: firm , network , transaction costs , the welfare state , neoliberalism