ARTICLE TITLE: Historical Retrospection of Corruption: Specified and Supplemented
AUTHORS: Nisnevich Yu.
ABSTRACT: The article specifies and supplements the description of historical retrospection of corruption worldwide as well as in Russia. The historic digression on the corruption enables to confirm, that this issue has gone along with the human society throughout the history and has been one of the most ancient events within the system of social relations. The article provides the documentary proof of the corruption demonstration since XXVI century B.C. The historic retrospection of the worldwide corruption is amplified with the personality of Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, „the father of lies”, as well as with an episode of the ban on the term “corruption” in foreign affairs since the World War II till the early 90th in the XX century. The article pays attention to the two kinds of the corruption in Russia within the historical retrospection: the extortion and the bribery, which was mentioned in the Russian data as long ago as XIII century. On the one hand, throughout all history of Russia to the beginning of the XX century, its governors fought against corruption vigorously, but without positive results, and on another hand – the fight was vigorous too, but it generated successfully new corrupt officials. The article provides the evidence on the spread of corruption in the USSR and emphasizes, that the corruption was ontologically inherent in the Soviet regimes. Besides the author points out the distinctive features of the present stage in the history of corruption and the struggle against it.
KEYWORDS: corruption , historical retrospective , world civilization , Russia