ARTICLE TITLE: Criminalization and decriminalization of acts: finding the best balance
AUTHORS: Kapinus O.
ABSTRACT: The article analyzes modern trends in criminalization and decriminalization of acts; consider mandatory requirements for the criminalization of acts, formulated in the legal positions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation; justified the redundancy of a number of criminal and legal prohibitions that appeared in recent years in the Criminal Code. Given the wide range of destructive consequences of excessive criminalization of acts, the author suggests, firstly, to limit criminalization processes, resorting to them only in case of emergency, and secondly, to "audit" the Special Part of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, objectively assess the existing criminal-legal prohibitions on the subject of compliance with the criteria for the criminalization of acts, and on this basis to decriminalize those acts that do not pose a significant public danger. The balanced use of criminal and political tools for criminalization and decriminalization of acts is able to provide effective protection of the most important social values, while not allowing an excessive restriction of the level of freedom of societ
KEYWORDS: criminalization of acts , decriminalization of acts , criminal-legal prohibitions , criminal policy