ARTICLE TITLE: Crisis and Corruption: a Flammable Mix
AUTHORS: Kleiner V.
ABSTRACT: In the article the author analyses corruption in Russia, which deteriorated dramatically in 2003–2005 and has been on very high level for the last ten years. As a result corruption penetrates decision-making in the majority of social spheres: in government institutions and state corporations, as well as in business and everyday life. The author puts the lack of diversification in the economy down to the failure of the majority of industries to compete with the oil and gas sector, which is engulfed by corrupt rent. The author explains such dissemination of corruption by the lack of a division of institutions of power, which are called on to uphold the system of checks and counterbalances; by the suppression by the executive power of the legislative and judicial powers, the majority of press (the fourth power); and the purchase of the loyalty of certain levels of society (through larger social benefits, as well as compensation and salaries for bureaucrats). The author predicts that corruption will accelerate the crisis and exacerbate its consequences. And the crisis, in turn, will aggravate corruption.
KEYWORDS: corruption , Russian economy , division of power , economic crisis , corruption during economic crisis , state corruption , corporate corruption , everyday corruption