ARTICLE TITLE: The Culture and Its Script. Generalized Script as the Intracultural Integrator
AUTHORS: Lourie S.
ABSTRACT: In the article we discuss the relationship of cultural and psychological one. In the first half of the XX century at the beginning of the science on psychological anthropology the scientists sought to explore the culture and the psychology in the synthesis. The searches of intracultural integrator was based on this synthesis. But the psychological structure, which would could integrate the culture and would be specific to it, was not detected. Since the sixties of XX century until almost its end the scientists began to study the culture in anthropology, abstracting from the psychology. Now newly attempts are being made to explore the culture in the synthesis with psychology. In the article are proposed one of the solutions to the problem. This is the concept of implicit generalized cultural script. Implicit generalized cultural script includes the ideas about the character of human action and is a psychological complex, differing from culture to culture. It predetermines what objects of the external world becomes in the human mind the meaningful systems and then forms in the culture the intentional worlds and intentional personalities.
KEYWORDS: Cultural scripts , sociocultural system , cognitive artifacts , sets , action models , intentional world , intentional personality