ARTICLE TITLE: The legal and illegal markets in Russia in 1917: their interaction and role in the revolutionary process
AUTHORS: Davydov A.
ABSTRACT: The article examines the of economic and political factors on the Russian revolutionary situation of 1917. The author tries to find out that the economic activities of the Provisional Government contributed to the expansion of the involvement of the Russian population in the national economy. The focus is on mechanisms of cooperation, illegal bagging and soldier commerce. They absorbed people's energy and helped to defuse public sentiments, leaving politicians without mass support. Thus, a non-Bolshevik variant of the development of the revolution became possible. However, the political parties' constant awakening of the radical leftist sentiments of the society and the lack of opposition on the part of the authorities contributed to fueling the discontent of the population and led to the October Revolution
KEYWORDS: Great Russian Revolution , cooperation , sacking , illegal supply , army , soldier commerce , public moods