ARTICLE TITLE: Dreams of Russians about the Society and about Themselves: is it Possible to Talk about the Special Russian Civilization Project?
AUTHORS: Tikhonova N.
ABSTRACT: The article on the material of several national research Institute of Sociology in recent years seen the specifics of the "Russian Dream" and some of its key elements demonstrates its cultural and civilization specifics and communication with the values and identities of the Russians. It is shown that the presence of a dream is the norm of the Russian culture in general, but in recent years this rule eroded. Stipulates that the place is still existing, but gradually lost their relevance Russian civilization project with his characteristic "high dream" come not dream of a consumer society, and the transformation of ordinary survival in the subject of dreams.
KEYWORDS: dream , culture , values , norms , civilization , the image of a desired future , the Russian civilization project , cultural dynamics , social awareness