ARTICLE TITLE: Between Pushkin and Dostoevsky: poem The Gipsies and comments on it
AUTHORS: Davydov A.
ABSTRACT: The article studies Dostoevskys comment on Pushkins poem The Gypsies in his Pushkin speech on June 8, 1880 and in some articles. There is an analysis of the distortion of the poem sense an arbitrary turn from the theme of love in the poem to criticism of the Russian liberals Russian Europeans as detached from the Russian people and so enemies of the people. There developed criticism of Dostoevskys call to bow to folk truth which is above Pushkin. The article raise the choice between freedom in love and Dostoevskys populism to a level of choice between Pushkin and Dostoevsky as antiPushkin, as a choice of Russia
KEYWORDS: Pushkin , the Gypsies , Dostoevsky , Pushkin speech , people , folk truth , liberals , liberalism , mediation , Russian Europeans , enemies of people