ARTICLE TITLE: Interethnic marriages as part of the Soviet state script: a socio-cultural approach
AUTHORS: Lourie S.
ABSTRACT: The article deals with interethnic marriages in the USSR as a socio-cultural phenomenon in the context of the formation in the country of the "friendship of peoples" scenario. The influence of the soviet national policy on popular scenarios of interethnic relations is analyzed. The thesis is put forward that the possibility of mass interethnic marriages dissemination between the USSR's peoples had being conditioned by the formation of unified generalized soviet cultural script that had refractions in each of the soviet peoples cultures. Of particular importance for the spread of intermarriage was its refraction in Russian culture, which appeared in its soviet-imperial form in the person of migrant colonists in the Union's republics. The features of assimilation processes in the USSR are being studied
KEYWORDS: interethnic marriages , "friendship of peoples" , culture , cultural script , assimilation