ARTICLE TITLE: The Myth of Paris Commune and the Creation of Soviet State (Toward the Rethinking of RSFSR Constitution of 1918)
AUTHORS: Medushevsky A.
ABSTRACT: On the basis of Constitutional Commission’s archival documents the article reconstructs the principle role of the Paris Commune myth in the process of elaboration of the first Soviet Constitution 1918. This myth provoked the hybrid character of Constitution as the synthesis of three main ideologies – anarchical communism, corporatism and centralism and determined the original final interpretation of doctrinal grounds, institutional structure and political implementation of constitutional norms. This analysis is informative for the reconstruction of origins and place of the Soviet nominal constitutionalism as historical prerequisite of the modern Russian legal order.
KEYWORDS: cognitive jurisprudence , Paris Commune of 1871 , Soviet Constitution 1918 , Communism , Corporatism , Centralism , Federalism , Political Parties , Nominal Constitutionalism , Soviet Political Regime