ARTICLE TITLE: Migrants on the Household Labor Market in Russia and Kazakhstan
AUTHORS: Florinskaya Y.
ABSTRACT: The paper analyzes the main characteristics of migrant domestic workers position on the former Soviet Union labor markets (Russia and Kazakhstan): workplace searching, working conditions, legal status, salary, social package. The author shows that the Russian and Kazakh domestic work markets have their own specifics that distinguish them from most of the world. The main of them is a higher level of wages compared to employment in enterprises and organizations (but without the social package). A relatively high level of wages leads to the existence of real competition for jobs between foreign and local workers (usually internal migrants). On the one hand, this competition creates additional opportunities for employment of domestic workers by the poorer segments representatives of the host population. But on the other hand, it constantly reproduces and preserves in this sector a shadow employment model with its obvious disadvantages.
KEYWORDS: former Soviet Union , Russia , Kazakhstan , migrants , labor market , domestic workers