ARTICLE TITLE: Job Mobility of Public and Private Sector Workers
AUTHORS: Klepikova E.
ABSTRACT: Job mobility is one of the key indexes of labor market flexibility. The article presents the results of public/private sector mobility. This is an empirical work based on data of the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey - Higher School of Economics (RLMS-HSE) from 2004-2013. Binary choice and Heckman models are used to analyze factors of sector switching. Findings suggest that the volume of flows between sectors is relatively small. But job change in public sector often means a switch to private sector. Significant wage gap between sectors leads to the outflow of the most skilled workers from the public sector. Government can attract workers only by non-material incentives. But it results in self-selection to public sector passive, risk-averse workers.
KEYWORDS: public sector , sector switching , job mobility , employment , labour market