ARTICLE TITLE: Young People in Socio-economic and Ethical Coordinate System
AUTHORS: Avraamova E.
ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the study of young people views about mechanisms of social order and vertical mobility. On the basis of collected sociological data the following issues are considered: how young people estimate socio-economical situation of the country in a stable period and in a period of crisis; in what degree young people perceive social inequality as painful and consider it fair; what main reasons of wealth and poverty they think; what resources young people regard as the most efficient to achieve success and what models of labor behavior they choose for it. Analysis of obtained data leads to the conclusion that young people realize they live in a society which order is not perceived as fair by the most of its representatives. At the same time meritocratic type of social structure is believed to be equitable, effective mechanisms of vertical mobility are built basing on social relations which substitute competitive advantages of meritocratic type. But this collision is not perceived dramatically by young people, they perceive such contradiction as the established norm they need to be relate with building their models of behavior.
KEYWORDS: young people , education , employment , vertical mobility , social equity , models of labor behavior