ARTICLE TITLE: Thinking Revolution
AUTHORS: Yakovenko I.
ABSTRACT: The article raises the question of the place and role of revolution in general and the October revolution in particular. The author describes the processes that set the formation of the Bolshevik ideology and the victory of Bolsheviks. Due to the stadial and civilizational specificity of Russia the eschatological exploitations of traditionalist masses within a chiliastic project were put off to the of times the industrial revolution, when an alternative to the main scenario of historical development became possible. The alliance of radical intellectuals and the masses equally blessed by the socialist perspective broke the, "old order" stalemate and opened a new page in the world history. The Bolshevik revolution solved the problem of classical bourgeois-democratic revolution, which actually ensured the Bolsheviks victory in the Civil war. However, since the chiliastic project is impossible, because it contradicts the human nature and the nature of social relations, the socialist experiment ended in a natural way
KEYWORDS: socialism , civilization , revolution , radical intellectuals , chiliastic project , Bolshevism , archaic communal peasant consciousness , Orthodoxy , culture , historical choice