ARTICLE TITLE: Scientific publications of 2017 to the centenary of the October Revolution and Russian society
AUTHORS: Feldman M.
ABSTRACT: The article analyzes the most notable articles in scientific journals, 2017, the centennial of the October revolution, which allows us to trace the evolution of approaches of the researchers in the context of the evolution of the state of modern Russian society. It is concluded that the divergence between the views of researchers on the nature and causes of the October revolution ‒ quite normal ‒ as long as it is not de-formed by the influence from the authorities. Indicated positive changes in historiography October 1917: most historians consider the events of October 1917 as a variant of the bourgeois-democratic revolution, difficult to understand the ultra-leftist, revniteley form of revolution from the first days of Soviet power is shrouded in mythological structures
KEYWORDS: October revolution , Russia , approaches , the Bolsheviks , the nation-wide mass , modernization , history , elite , workers , society , party