ARTICLE TITLE: The Ways of Ukraine and Russia Diverged Forever? (Civilizational Evolution of Ukraine, Russia and the West in the System-Communicative Dimension). Part 2
AUTHORS: Kosmyna V.
ABSTRACT: The article (Part 1 see in no. 4 2015) examines the general content of the Eurasian civilization and differences within it between Russia and Ukraine. Eurasian civilization combines eastern styles of communication and western (Christian) communicative meanings. In Russia the traditional communicative link between the patrimonial state, peasant commune and Orthodoxy led to the approval of state absolutism in the XX century and its relapses in the XXI century. Ukraine historically developed as western periphery of the Eurasian civilization. Oriental styles manifested quite weak in her social communications.
KEYWORDS: Eurasian civilization , communications , Russia , Ukraine , patrimonial state , peasant commune , Orthodoxy