ARTICLE TITLE: Non-withering away state: what hinders public administration reforms in Russia
AUTHORS: Partsvaniya V.
ABSTRACT: In this article on the basis of the classical concept of withering away of the state of K. Marx and F. Engels it is attempted to reveal the conceptual reasons that set restrictions and limitations to the reforms of the Russian-Soviet bureaucratic state. The author proves as fundamental reason for the failure of reforms the chronic beliefs of Western countries hostility towards Russia, entrenched in the minds of the majority of politicians, bureaucrats and the society. These beliefs are rooted in the Russian history, and they continue the logic of ideological views of the Soviet political and bureaucratic class that determined poor state of the Russian state apparatus. Their Dismantling in the mass consciousness of the modern Russian society seems to the author an essential precondition for the successful implementation of the new wave of public administration reforms in Russia
KEYWORDS: withering away of the state , bureaucracy , "external enemies" , national security , public administration reforms