ARTICLE TITLE: The Image of the North Caucasus on Federal Channels
AUTHORS: Dreval M.
ABSTRACT: This article discusses the main factors of media image of the North Caucasus. The object of study is considered in the following three categories: the specificity of the region relative to its position in the Russian Federation, the historical and cultural factors of the formation of the image of the region, as well as features of news-making about the North Caucasus, in particular, on the federal TV channels. Based on the analysis it were identified three key characteristics of the image of the North Caucasus, broadcasted on federal television channels – a "explosiveness" of the region (terrorist activity), the high concentration of criminal groups and socio-economic disadvantage. The study was performed in the methodology of grounded theory based on the material of expert interviews.
KEYWORDS: the image of the North Caucasus on federal channels , mass media influence , grounded theory , expert interviews , ethnic conflicts