ARTICLE TITLE: From Social Liberalism towards the Philosophy of Collaboration
AUTHORS: Polterovich V.
ABSTRACT: It is shown that the evolution of modern developed societies results into reduction of the role of centralized governance as well as economic and political competition, whereas the role of collaboration mechanisms is growing. This process is supported by cultural changes: increasing trust, internalization of honesty norms, and thus mitigates the problem of free-riding. Collectivism and individualism in their extreme forms are being replaced by the culture of constructive collaboration and compromise. The cultural transformation creates new institutions and, the same time, is supported by them. Thereby the failures of market, state and parliamentary democracy are gradually being overcome. Instead of social liberalism, which reflects just a certain stage of this process and operates mainly by extremes such as the individual – the state or the state – the market, a more general view – the philosophy of collaboration (collaborativism) is suggested.
KEYWORDS: social liberalism , anarchism , collaboration , competition , collectivism , individualism , bankruptcy law , antimonopoly legislation , majority rule , parliamentary committee , institutional evolution