ARTICLE TITLE: The Intention of Young People to Higher Education as an Important Resource of Innovative Development of Russia
AUTHORS: Konstantinovskiy D. , Popova E.
ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to one of the most important resources of innovational development of our society – the motivation of young people to study, their striving to educational institutions. The article is based the survey that was conducted among school students are described in nine federal subjects of the Russian Federation. The data about the kinds of education that young people consider essential to be successful in life, what level of education they prefer; what motives drive them in choosing this level of education and future profession is described. Young peoples’ attitude towards the world of professions: the prestige, social significance and profitability of different occupations are discussed and the ratio of estimates on these criteria is analyzed. The results of the study of future profession choices of young people leaving school and motives of such choices are also described. The data of the confidence in the correctness of the choice of profession, and absence of decision concerning the future for a large part of school leavers are analyzed. Differentiation of educational preferences and selection of future occupations by young people from settlements with different levels of urbanization, as well as dependence on the status of the family is shown.
KEYWORDS: education , labor market , youth , choice of profession , career choice , social behavior , educational and professional trajectories