ARTICLE TITLE: The Political Limits of "Homo Economicus"
AUTHORS: Martianov V.
ABSTRACT: It is posited that interdisciplinary expansion of homo economicus model leads to neglecting of extra-economic modes of thinking, values and institutes of law, politics, moral, art, etc. that are necessary preconditions of the society existence. In the situation of the disregarding of the extra-economic regulators and motivations of individual and collective practices the refined model of homo economicus is not only unable to sustain societys and states existence, but also destroys the conditions for capitalism development itself. That is why methodological individualism and ideological model of homo economicus as a subject of politics, that forms a basis of neo-liberalism and legitimates political decisions of general importance needs profound correction. This model is legitimated by a need to pursue local problems, such as economic growth, or increase of individual utilities, which need to be enriched with the contexts of the goals of complex human and society development that are not to be reduced to economic growth. The perspectives of further development of contemporary societies needs a restitution of homo politicus who acts in a frame of extra-economic goals, factors and motivations, presenting increasingly important factors of human progress.
KEYWORDS: extra-economic factors of development , methodological individualism , communitarianism , limited rationality , late Modernity , coordination of interests , homo economicus