ARTICLE TITLE: Political Beliefs of a Personality
AUTHORS: Pushkareva G.
ABSTRACT: Political beliefs are considered as submission on political objects and phenomena, which a person admits fully and unconditionally, without questioning their correctness. In the paper three kinds of political beliefs are considered: beliefs-ideals, reflecting the value orientation of the individual, his ideas about the desired images of the political future; beliefs-myths, reflecting the conviction of the individual in the existence of certain forces, influencing the political processes; heroic beliefs, reflecting the conviction of the individual in the exceptional features and qualities of certain political leaders, capable to play the role of savior of the fatherland in the crisis situations. In the paper the reasons of political beliefs and their functions are described, it is suggested that they help people to make the world more understandable and predictable, to find reference points of political activity. The thesis is justified that the more is the political instability of the society, the higher role in the system of personal motivation is played by the political beliefs.
KEYWORDS: political beliefs , beliefs-ideals , beliefs-myths , cognitive system of a personality