ARTICLE TITLE: Political Myth as a Type of Political Symbolization
AUTHORS: Musikhin G.
ABSTRACT: This article analyses the features of political mythology as a manifestation of the political symbolization’s process. Political symbolization is defined as the phenomenon of unconventional media reaction to the political information that is presented in a specific form of sign systems. The research reveals the interrelation of political myths with ideology and utopia. Analysis of the structure of political myths shows the main difficulty that is the ambivalent ideological myth's interpretation. The article captures the main functions of political myths. The author refers to technologization and fragmentation of political myths. As a result, the myths receive widespread use, but lose the symbolic force of the impact. It can be found in modern myths "conspiracy theory". The conclusion is that the fragments of myths can mimic modern forms of thinking.
KEYWORDS: symbolization , political symbol , political myth , ideology , utopia , globalization , conspiracy theory