ARTICLE TITLE: Popular Music in the Context of Contemporary Cultural Studies: Formation and Academization of Popular Music Studies
AUTHORS: Kolesnik A.
ABSTRACT: The paper focuses on emergence of contemporary popular music studies in the tradition of cultural studies, stages of this new disciplinary field formation and basic controversial issues. Traditional fields in musical studies are musicology and sociology of music, each of these disciplines developed a certain view of music covering the different sides of ‘musical’, and approaches to its analysis. Nevertheless, interest in popular music phenomenon and development the academic tools of its analysis are associated primarily with cultural studies focused on the study of contemporary popular cultural forms. For a long time status of popular music researches have been disputing by ‘traditional’ disciplines, questioning their legitimacy and scientific character. Discussions about the nature of popular music initiated by new musical researchers in the 1980s had a significant impact not only on the formation of understanding popular music as a complex cultural phenomenon, but development of new field, popular music studies. Also it significantly transformed ‘traditional’ musicological disciplines. The author examines the process of popular music studies academization and its features as interdisciplinary project, which has become the basic approach for understanding, analyzing and problematization of popular music.
KEYWORDS: popular music , musicology , musical sociology , cultural studies , popular music studies , formation of new disciplinary field