ARTICLE TITLE: Precariat: New Challenge for Modern Societies and Its Conceptualization (Reflections on the Book of Gay Standing)
AUTHORS: Busygina I.
ABSTRACT: One of the new challenges for modern societies analyzed by British economist Gay Standing is the emergence and rapid expansion of the new social class precariat. The representatives of precariat have the status of temporary employed, they have unstable income and constant risk of falling into the ranks of unemployed. Emergence of precariat was made possible by virtue of neoliberal policy of states and globalization that circulated neoliberal principles in global scale. As Standing argues, the previous social contract between state and society is in fact broken, while the main victim of this destruction is prekariat. Standings concept is based on dense substrate of previous theories and concepts, in particular the concepts of marginality, informality and social exclusion. Prekariata problem is acute in Russia, and the future promises further expansion of this social group.
KEYWORDS: precariat , Gay Standing , underemployment , globalization , neoliberal capitalism , Russia