ARTICLE TITLE: Admission of pain in an older age
AUTHORS: Rogozin D.
ABSTRACT: According to the Russian national survey of citizens aged over 65, there are some peculiarities of experiencing difficulties and, as a result, consequences (reasons) for pain and illness among elderly people. Mental and physical health is a discourse of middle age, youth, or childhood. Old age is always concerned with pain and ability to cope with it, to maintain activity in extremely uncomfortable conditions incomprehensible for another age. Physical limitations, gradual disability should not be perceived as tokens of helplessness or even meaninglessness of later life. The last frontier, especially 10-15 years before passing are the most important years for comprehending and accepting life, understanding human existence. Thus, the price is so high, the compromise is impossible, as well as the life without pain
KEYWORDS: adaptation to disadvantages , aging research , illness , aging variance , disability process , sociology of aging , old age , techno-physiological evolution , pain management