ARTICLE TITLE: Unequal Precariousness: on the Origin and Forms of Social Status Instability of Individuals and Groups
AUTHORS: Gasiukova E. , Karacharovskiy V. , Yastrebov G.
ABSTRACT: The article deals with internal heterogeneity of precariousness in Russia. We elaborate on a classification, which distinguishes between different forms of precariousness based on individual status and strategies pursued by individuals on the labor market. Using data from 52 in-depth interviews (conducted in several locales in Russia in September-November 2015) we identify and describe 9 distinct types of precariousness. Particularly, we reveal at least two distinct forms of precariousness: the first, is determined by external forces, and cannot be affected directly (i.e. structural precariousness), and the second, determined by the deliberate choice of individuals reflecting their specific preferences and intrapersonal conflicts.
KEYWORDS: employment , non-standard employment , unemployment , labor market , precariat , precariousness