ARTICLE TITLE: The Risks of Reducing the Level of Welfare: Stratification Analysis
AUTHORS: Avraamova E.
ABSTRACT: The coming recession of the Russian economy produces the risks of reducing the level of welfare of different segments of the population, including the middle class. The results of the representative poll, conducted all over Russia (the sample is 3,5 thousands respondents) by INCAP RANEPA in 2016, allow us to assess how these risks are estimated by the population itself. The research data enable us to distinguish stratification groups in relation to core of middle class. Further the analysis of socio-economic characteristics is conducted by stratification groups. The risks of welfare reduction of each group including risks in the sphere of employment and consumption are estimated. The resources of representatives of different stratification groups contributing to overcoming the risks of welfare reduction are explored. Finally, the models of adaptation behavior aimed at preserving the reached level of welfare are represented
KEYWORDS: middle class , social stratification , socio-economic adaptation , upward mobility , human capital , socio-economic resources , standard of living