ARTICLE TITLE: Rhetorical argumentation and political symbolization
AUTHORS: Musikhin G.
ABSTRACT: The article sheds the light upon theoretical analysis of the political argumentation as a mechanism of political meanings’ production, declared, displayed and articulated during political deliberation process. Language used in political argumentation is considered to be а political communicative action itself rather than just a reflection of а political processes. The complex of rhetorical techniques is conceptualized as а political mechanism, capable of an autonomous self-production, making new ideas and beliefs out of the argumentation logic itself. The last is characterized by a deliberate specification as a cognitive political activity, aimed at new political meanings construction. Therefore, in political context a category is no longer an element of a cognitive process, but a rhetoric phenomena. The notion of the fact in relation to political rhetoric argumentation is not so easily determined. It is more appropriate to use the notion of the rhetoric political situation as a phenomenon of the political reality in its essence
KEYWORDS: political symbolization , rhetoric , political argumentation , rhetoric political analysis , rhetoric political situation