ARTICLE TITLE: The Role of Identity in Interethnic Relations of Russians and Ossetians in the Republic of North Ossetia Alania: Intergenerational Analysis
AUTHORS: Galyapina V. , Lebedeva N.
ABSTRACT: The article examines the similarities and differences in the relationship of own and other cultural identities with integration and assimilation acculturation strategies of three generations of the Russians and Ossetians in North Ossetia. In case of the Russians own cultural identity negatively affects the strategy of assimilation. As for the other (Caucasian) identity the situation is just the opposite. Ossetians have an identical effect of own and other (Russian) cultural identities on acculturation expectations. However, in both ethnic groups own cultural identity promotes maintenance of own culture, and other cultural identity helps to adopt successfully in multicultural society.
KEYWORDS: acculturation strategy , acculturation expectation , cultural identity , ethnic minority , ethnic majority , generation , multiculturalism , intergroup relations