ARTICLE TITLE: The Role of Professional Education in the Reproduction of Russian Working Class
AUTHORS: Latova N.
ABSTRACT: The analysis is based on the materials of the project "Education, labor market and social behavior of youth in modern economic situation". In this article the data from the poll students of some average special educational institutions are analyzed. These institutions train skilled workers and employees. Till 2013 they entered the system of the primary professional education (PPE). The main function of these institutions is still the reproduction of Russian working class. Training there doesn't practically change majority interested in work "at the exit" comparing to those interested further education which is observed "at the entry" in these educational institutions. However, the working class reproduction function is complicated due to the weakness of employment mechanisms for graduates. In general, the specialized secondary schools perform their basic function with 50%. To satisfy better the needs of the majority students, these specialized secondary schools need to pay more attention to their graduates employment.
KEYWORDS: working class , youth , education , employment , primary professional education , training skilled workers and employees , reproduction of the working class , precariat