ARTICLE TITLE: The Network Structure of Global Value Chains and Specifity of Countries Participation in Them
AUTHORS: Smorodinskaya N. , Malygin V. , Katukov D.
ABSTRACT: Article studies organizational structure of global value chains (GVCs) and specificity of countries participation in them. GVCs imply a phenomenon in which output of a country in terms of intermediary goods is being purchased by other countries for further processing (addition of value) and re-export to the third countries. The importance of this study is determined by the fact that participation in GVCs is becoming an up-to-date mode of international division of labor and a new way of entering export markets. In the article we briefly describe a history and factors of GVCs emergence, and review indicators of countries' and territories participation in GVCs. We also analyze organizational features of GVCs and their impact on the structure of the global economy as a whole. We highlight that in terms of its organization GVC is a complex horizontally dispersed networked entity. It forms a multidimensional and dynamic environment (ecosystem) encompassing various stakeholders, their interlinkages and flows of resources between them
KEYWORDS: global value chains , fragmentation of production , network interactions