ARTICLE TITLE: Symptoms of Socio-humanistic Recession and Ways to Strengthen the Social State
ABSTRACT: The author has presented the most relevant results and conclusions of the monitoring values and interests of the population of Russia "(the survey was conducted in the summer of 2015). Empirical data showed new qualities of stabilization in Russia after the 2000 g. Firstly, the most important problem for the population reproduces, and hesitant. Secondly, symptoms not just economic, but socialhumanistic the recession: the index growth slowed sharply observance of human rights and freedoms, and the right to equality of citizens before the law began to decline; started regressing and other indicators. The focus of the author focused on how to strengthen the welfare State in crisis and sanctions. He described the new models of the welfare State, established in the countries of Europe in a critically difficult conditions. For the first time are the results of a representative survey on the preferences of the population of Russia regarding the priority of economic methods of strengthening the State-such as the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation on individuals and change the aspect ratio of the distribution of taxes from the profits of companies between the Federal, regional and municipal budgets. Finally, the author has shown that these results are consistent with the new "national security strategy of the Russian Federation".
KEYWORDS: socio-humanitarian recession , new quality stabilization , social State , progressive tax scale , income distribution policy