ARTICLE TITLE: Corporate State in Modern Society or the Struggle Against Corruption as a Problem of Reducing of the Status Rents in Russia
AUTHORS: Martianov V.
ABSTRACT: Any attention of scientists, supervisory authorities, or a command to "dig deeper" discover the corruption to be widespread in the everyday practices of interaction between citizens and institutions, business and government. But that is only an "external" view on the corporate Russian state, where corruption is a common status rent despite modernist political rhetoric. Under a shin modern surface Russian society keeps estates structure, which determines the level and terms of access for citizens to rents distribution. Therefore: the progressive reduction of state bodies and mechanisms for the distribution of public goods, in particular, ones not addressed to a citizen; the liberalization as the reduction of the spheres of intrusive regulation and protection of citizens life by the state; transparency of mechanisms of public decision-making; abolition of status rent for persons holding positions in authority – will automatically lead to the reduction of corruption potential of the state. The arrangements specified will enlarge the space of Modern type market exchanges and reduce corruption potential of the state.
KEYWORDS: corruption , corporate state , status rent , liberalization , modern society