ARTICLE TITLE: State of Modern Legal Science: the Opinion of Experts
AUTHORS: Chestnov I.
ABSTRACT: The author cites the results of a survey of experts – scholars and lawyers about the state of legal science. Interviewed 50 experts-scientists in the field of jurisprudence. The questionnaire included open questions about the state of the jurisprudence, trends and perspectives of jurisprudence. The author gives a most interesting expert opinions, quotes detailed answers. Experts believe that the legal science today is in crisis. All note the loss of the legal science of their social status. At the same time, some respondents noted an increase in freedom of expression and pluralism of approaches as a positive factor. Among the most important changes in legal science notes interdisciplinarity and the emergence of new trends in legal science. The respondents also draw attention to the fact that legal science today is no demand for power. Significantly different assessment of the development of legal science in the 90-ies of XX century and at the beginning of XXI century in our country. Openness and rapid development of jurisprudence in the late twentieth century has today been replaced by secrecy and stagnation.
KEYWORDS: legal science , expert survey , the state of legal science , the crisis of law , reference group