ARTICLE TITLE: Social History in the 21st Century. Diagnosis of the Research Field
AUTHORS: Savelieva I.
ABSTRACT: The aims of this article are: (1) identifying new tendencies in social history that emerged in the 21st century, (2) analyzing its current theoretical premises, (3) identifying the most rapidly and intensively developing fields of research, intra- and interdisciplinary alliances, and central themes. Furthermore, the study delineates emergent research fields and subject matters and traces the development of the subdiscipline’s conceptual framework and its main categories. Both cognitive and institutional aspects of social history’s current condition are analyzed (e.g. loss of leadership, the scholarly community lacking a ‘midpoint’ notwithstanding the numerous journals, associations, and old academic elite still persisting). These changes assessment is based on a cover-to-cover reading of a large body of literature on social history, which will make it possible to proceed from surface judgments to more thorough knowledge of what is happening to this discipline today.
KEYWORDS: social history , intellectual hegemony , fragmentation of history , structures and processes , sociology , marxism , postmodernism , social classes and groups , identity , social theory , history journal , scientific society