ARTICLE TITLE: Social Justice (Some Constitutional Issues)
AUTHORS: Khabrieva T. , Chirkin V.
ABSTRACT: This article deals with the principle of social justice in the constitutional dimension (on the basis of the Constitution and other acts of constitutional law). Using content analysis, the methods induction and comparative law the author noted that in our time in the context of the requirements of the population and the socialization of the constitutional law the general human principle increasingly acquires the constitutional wording for social justice. The article in comparative terms dealt with some individual, group and universal manifestations of this principle in the rules of constitutional law. Its importance for the sustainable development of society. The author analyzes the constitutional norms in other European countries and comes to the need to improve the legislation in Russia about the relationship between legal indicators of the minimum of substantive living level and the minimum wage (SMIC) and their convergence
KEYWORDS: constitutional law , social justice , sustainable development , the subsistence level