ARTICLE TITLE: Social theory: postmodern turn and modernist turn out
AUTHORS: Pavlov A.
ABSTRACT: Since mid-1980-s fashion on postmodern went beyond the boundaries of aesthetics and theory of literature. This topic became interesting for philosophy and sociology. This article is devoted to the relations of these two disciplines to postmodern. The author considers four positions inside social theory concerning postmodern. Firstly, social theorists which take theory of postmodern into consideration but in general dont agree with the idea that Western society entered the situation of postmodernity. Secondly, social theorists who accept the idea of postmodern and try to develop it in different directions. Mostly, these are those who agree with the concept of postmodernity. Thirdly, social theorists who consider the possibility of applying postmodern ideas to social theory, they call themselves postmodernists. Fourthly, there are those, who consider postmodernism in a strictly sociological sense, i.e. they do research of what could be called discourse of postmodern in sociology. By 2000 adherents of modernity, adherents of postmodernity and adherents of postmodernism in social theory started to reject ideas about postmodernity/postmodernism. By 2000 postmodernism in social theory strangely died. This death could be called strange as despite the fact that this concept is still used, it no longer occupies the same central place in social theory as it was since the second half of the 1980-s and till the mid-1990s
KEYWORDS: postmodern , postmodernism , social theory , marxism , social philosophy , modernity , postmodernity , sociology