ARTICLE TITLE: Social Transformation and Intergeneration Conflict(the Example of the North Caucasus)
AUTHORS: Starodubrovskaya I.
ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to the role of intergeneration conflict in the process of social transformation. In spite of the fact that this phenomenon is quite universal it's possible to recognize its specific role in this process as social crisis is characterized by special type of intergeneration conflict associated with the interruption of intergeneration transfer of values and norms. Using the North Caucasus (where extensive field work was undertaken) as an example it was demonstrated what factors influenced the forms and severity of intergeneration conflict. It was explained why islamic fundamentalism in the North Caucasus republics formed the language, the way of legitimation and the mobilization mechanism for one of the side of intergeneration conflict.
KEYWORDS: generation hierarchies , intergeneration transfer of values and norms , intergeneration conflict , islamic fundamentalism , islamic fundamentalism