ARTICLE TITLE: Socially Responsible Consumption in Russia: Factors and the Development Potential of Market-Oriented and Nonmarket Practices
AUTHORS: Shabanova M.
ABSTRACT: Socially responsible (ethical) consumption in Russia is only taking its first steps and is fairly fragmented. In most cases, consumers engage in practices of one particular sort, whether ethical purchasing, ethical boycotts or separate collection of waste. The article presents the data of a representative empirical study aiming to identify specific qualities of citizens participating in various socially responsible consumption practices as well as factors facilitating Russians’ engagement in the above practices. The article purports that market-oriented practices, such as ethical purchasing and boycotts, and nonmarket ones, such as separate collection of waste, are driven by different factors and relate to the sphere of civil society in different ways. The article concludes that differentiated strategies need to be implemented in this area by NGOs and management groups of various levels
KEYWORDS: socially responsible/ethical consumption , ethical purchasing , ethical boycotts , separate waste collection , civil society , civil activity , social solidarity , social responsibility