ARTICLE TITLE: Socio-political crises and revolutions: the theoretical analysis
ABSTRACT: An intermediate layer of revolution causes is singled out, along with triggering events and long-term structural factors. This layer includes challenges to rulers, elites and their responses, which, being inadequate, exacerbate the crisis and lead to a revolutionary situation. Factors of definite types affect each other and lead to a revolutionary situation which includes five main features: the fall of the loyalty of the enforcement machinery, the apparent split of elites, the delegitimizing of power, the presence of an attractive political alternative, and "combustible material" as a critical mass of people ready for an open protest fraught with repression. On the basis of the expansion of the A. Stinchcombe/s functional scheme the following phenomena are analyzed: the impact of economic growth on social instability, the long maturation of social tension and the rapid "explosion", the inadequacy of regime’s responses in the aggravation of a conflict
KEYWORDS: social revolution , socio-political crisis , maturation of crises , revolutionary situation , launch events , structural causes of revolutions , challenges and answers , split of elites , delegitimizing of power