ARTICLE TITLE: Social structures in informational resonance: perspectives on transdisciplinary methodologies
AUTHORS: Ignatyev V.
ABSTRACT: Social transformations at the beginning of the 21st century have become the underlying structural mutations in the base of the social system. The changes have affected the basic element of its buildings-the system of social interaction. The article considers the possibility of interpreting social transformations through the implementation of transdisciplinary methodologies, offering as an explanatory concept design information resonance in social structures. Its model is built using integrating the resonance methodology developed in synergistic research, conceptual apparatus of theoretical sociology. Resonant and wave processes are considered as a conceptual field, in which the description and explanation of arising of resonance phenomena in social structures, resulting in their mutations. It concludes that in the process of information system resonance build-up of social action is splitting into virtual and actual actions. In this social space moves into a phase fault, creating and confrontation between two competing social worlds: "social reality" and "social actuality".
KEYWORDS: social transformation , information resonance , mode with the intensification of information space , social action , virtual interaction , transdisciplinary methodology , breaking of social space