ARTICLE TITLE: Social liberalism: an Analysis of the Position of the Austrian School
AUTHORS: Zaostrovtsev A.
ABSTRACT: The article contains the critical examination of Grinberg-Rubinstain's concept of economic sociodynamics and patronized goods fr om the position of liberal doctrines of the Austrian school. It reveals von Mises theory of history, wh ere ideas occupy the central place and interests are pro-derivatives from them. It is shown that the notion of "public interest" is a dominant public opinion, which, of course, cannot exist as something separate from the individuals. Public interest – not necessary represents something positive and ensuring progress. The public interest may be aimed against it. And outside public opinion it simply does not exist. Patronized goods with the exception of pure public goods become not because they have need in such the state, but because the state and interest groups need to take care of them. The state constrains free entrepreneurship, which only can provide efficient delivery of the most of the patronized goods. And the state is ineffective supplier of these goods. In general social liberalism from the perspective of the Austrian economic theory is presented as a new wave of statism.
KEYWORDS: economic sociodynamics , patronized goods , theory of history , ideas , public interest , public opinion , statism