ARTICLE TITLE: Contemporary Economy: a New Conceptual Challenge
AUTHORS: Evstigneev R.
ABSTRACT: The landmarks of the scientific biography of Evstigneeva L. are outlined in the essay devoted to her memory. A reader can retrace her research works beginning in the 1960s. and ending by her last monographs of the 2000–2010th, which represent a new word in the economic theory. Based on methodological principles of economic synergetics one can discover and evaluate the driving forces of economy and society. They are not in conflicts and revolutions but in continuous interactions, in communicative practice inside an emerging integral socio-economic system. The article briefly touches upon such notions of economic synergetics as financial capital, Kondratieff long cycles, civilization, market macroeconomics, endogenous evolution.
KEYWORDS: economic synergetics , financial capital , the big Kondratieff cycles , civilization , the market macroeconomics , endogenous evolution