ARTICLE TITLE: Specialization of Civilizations and the Attractors of World Development
AUTHORS: Andreyev A.
ABSTRACT: The author suggests his own understanding of the problem of global development based on the analysis of historical evolution of the subjects of global development represented primarily by different civilizations. There were distinguished several types of such subjects and on that basis the idea of functional specialization of civilizations is established. A special attention is paid to Western civilizational type which now is transformed to a unique technotronic civilization. That transformation in a very short time gave it significant and undisputable advantages. But, according to the article, from a certain historical moment the function of supporting scientific and technical progress and that of demographic reproduction of humanity diverged. That latter fell to the lot of non-Western civilizations, and from that point the West began to lose its absolute dominance in the world, including its superiority in the terms of force.
KEYWORDS: geopolitical subjects , civilization , technical progress , technoscience , global system , human resources , factors of power