ARTICLE TITLE: Justice and Equality – Linguistic and Extralinguistic Aspects
AUTHORS: Baranov A.
ABSTRACT: In the paper value categories "justice", "equality" and corresponding Russian words are under consideration. Semantic explications of Russian lexemes spravedlivost’ (justice) and ravenstvo (equality) are proposed in comparing with values "justice" and "equality". It is shown that words with value semantics have their own lexical meaning, which realized in compatibility in political discourse with other words, denoting value categories. Modifications of semantics of such words in political speech should be described in a terminological dictionary. Extralinguistic particularities of compatibility can be represented in corresponding field of lexical entry of a linguistic dictionary. Compatibility of words with value semantics is therefore divided in semantic compatibility, explained on the bases of lexical meaning, and in discursive compatibility, connected with discourse practices of extralinguistic nature.
KEYWORDS: justice , equality , value category , political discourse , compatibility