ARTICLE TITLE: Comparative Analysis of Multicultural Policy in Canada, Europe, and Russia
AUTHORS: Ponizovskiy V. , Berry J.W.
ABSTRACT: Multicultural policy is one of the few theory-based approaches to managing ethno-cultural diversity. However, Russian scientific community expresses doubts about the feasibility of the policy for Russia. Such doubts arise from the difficulties in integration of migrants in Europe and support for assimilation policies among the Russian public. The goals of this article are to 1) present theoretical and empirical evidence for multiculturalism policy; 2) describe two components of the multiculturalism policy: support and promotion of cultural diversity and facilitation of equitable participation of heterogeneous ethno-cultural groups; 3) and to compare the degree of implementation and effectiveness of multiculturalism policies in Canada, countries of Europe, and Russia. We conclude that recent changes in Russian policy are likely to improve intergroup relationships in the Russian Federation, however, such changes cannot be seen as sufficient for satisfactory social, political, psychological and economic integration of migrants into Russian society
KEYWORDS: multiculturalism , ethno-cultural diversity , migration policy , integration , nationality , ethnicity , national identity , Russia